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Grade 2 Gender Polotics

My little sister has just turned 8 years old and already she is being accused of being a 'fake nerd girl', with boys pushing her to the sidelines of conversations to which she has plenty of value to add. 

When the boys in your class don’t 'believe' that you have played Minecraft, even though you’ve spent hours and hours creating fantastic, exciting worlds,

When they don’t 'believe' you’ve seen Star Wars even though you’ve read books on the extended universe and you could probably recite the names of more of its planets than you could countries on this Earth,

When they can’t even fathom the idea that maybe, someone of the female gender has seen Short Circuit, a cult-classic family film about a robot, even though Wall-E is perfectly acceptable viewing for a girl,

When young boys find it easier to believe that this little girl is lying through her teeth than that she, y’know, was introduced to pop culture at a young age, you can see how girls grow up feeling isolated from the sci-fi, gaming and ‘nerdy’ communities.

And yet these young boys don’t respect her ‘girly’ interests either.

My Little Pony is stupid. No, I haven’t seen it, it’s for girls!”

Boys can make judgements on things they know nothing about, based solely on the fact that they think girls like it, yet when a girl shares a common interest her opinion is meaningless. 

When boys grow being allowed to think and speak like this the implication is clear: girl = bad. Whether she’s a ‘tomboy’ or the prettiest princess of them all, young boys treat girls as if they are undeserving of respect.

In other words:

If you draw ponies the boys laugh, if you draw spaceships they laugh harder.

This stifles young girls’ ability to immerse themselves in the things they love, leaving them without a true place to connect with their interests.

And we wonder why there’s not a stronger female presence in the these industries and their products?

We need to teach our boys to stop treating girls as if their opinions and preferences are meaningless in order to develop not only a safe environment for girls to express themselves, but also stronger, more dynamic industries, communities of fans, and products.

Us girls have got plenty to add, if you’ll stop trying to exclude us.

I saw you got an ATAR score over 90! What subjects did you take and do you have any tips for studying etc?

Hi there! I’ve answered this sort of thing before, so here’s the links.

1 - My subjects and study scores: 


2 - Study tips:


3 - It also sort of depends what subjects you’re doing. I really think my method for Psych would work great for pretty much all science subjects, but as far as my English subjects go it came down to practice essays. Millions of them. I was lucky enough to have really caring, encouraging teachers who were happy to look at practice work for me and they helped me immensely. I hope you have teachers who are willing to help, and if you do, utilise them! Email them. Chase them down at lunch. It’s their job to help you, let them.

If you’re doing a maths subject do the assigned work and afterwards when you mark it, anything you got wrong you should go over and repeat questions just like it until you feel you understand. I always made snacks and just listened to music when I did my maths work, because it’s so formulaic that sort of thing didn’t distract me and it made doing the work more relaxing.

If you’re doing Media, the main project is all about how much work you put in. The quality of the final result is practically irrelevant, they want to see you work hard and incorporate what you’ve learned into it. My final project looked pretty damn rubbish, but I worked so hard on it and clearly thought through every stage so I ended up getting a great mark.


They say classical music is good to study to. I don’t know if it will work for you, but it worked great for me. I just youtube searched “study music” and clicked whatever. Usually they are 1 - 1.5 hour long videos so it also gives you a set amount of study time, once it’s over you can take a break. 






In just over a month I will be travelling to Singapore, South Korea and Japan!

I am super duper excited, but I am also unbelievably overwhelmed by how much there is to do and see. I will be in Singapore for 9 days (including a possible train trip to Penang, Malaysia), Korea for 2 weeks, and Japan for 10 days.

In Korea I will be based in Busan for the first week and Seoul for the second, but was hoping to check out a few places on my way up there.

In Japan I’ll based near Shibuya. 

Have any of you been to these places? Do any of you LIVE in these places?

I would love to hear any suggestions or tips you may have!

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I was so cute with blue hair, why did I ever dye it?

Three days ago I found this gorgeous little kitty on the street. She was clearly starved, covered in dirt and crying. She’s also blind. When I started walking up to her she cried and cried because she could hear someone. When I petted her a tiny bit she began to rub up against me and cry.

I swear to god my heart stopped. I thought ‘I have to save this cat. If I walk away, it will most likely die.’

So I called my lovely boyfriend who agreed to let me bring her back and put her in the laundry. After managing to find a can of tuna in the back of the pantry for her, we watched as she wolfed it down. I called my mom who has had cats her whole life, often ones hours she herself rescued and sheltered, and asked for advice.

Then, we bought her special old cat extra protein cat food, a litter tray and litter, a bowl for food and water and a cat bed so she had somewhere comfy to sleep.

She is so happy now.

She purrs like mad every time I enter the room.

She is already looking healthier, though it will take a while to fatten her up, but at least she has more energy now.

If we leave her alone for too long she cries until someone comes and spends time with her.

She is the loveliest cat I’ve cat ever come across and I really hope I can find her owners, because it seems to me she was probably an indoor cat who somehow got out and couldn’t find her way back home.

Oh, and we named her Cloud.

For two years I’ve been telling everyone I’m going to study journalism.

For two years I’ve been telling everyone I want to be a journalist, I’m going to be a journalist. 

For three weeks I’ve been sitting in classes thinking ‘fuck, I don’t think I can do this…’

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Moved into Cinema Studies and now I get to sleep an extra 2 hours on Tuesdays!

Hell yeah.

Got through my first day of university with a significant lack of hurling or crying - yay me!